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Fanny Undritz

Fanny Undritz
BA in Illustration
5th semester, HAW Hamburg

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Lead the market for solutions

We want to lead the market, nothing less. Sounds aggressive? We’d say it’s the least that our clients deserve. As your tax advisor and as your support for annual financial statements, payroll and accounting, we will give our all to contribute to your success. In doing so, we will always strive to provide new impulses and creative solutions and – hopefully – always ask the right questions. We are always as agile and innovative as our clients. We love to work as a team, because a great team with clearly defined roles is always stronger. And when everyone brings their experience to the table, success is guaranteed. We are self-critical and constantly strive to improve the services we provide.

Let's shape the future together

And because we know that recovery is key to high-level performance , work-life balance and new work aren’t just buzzwords for us – we know they are vital for the development of new ideas and approaches, which ultimately benefit you, our client. At the end of the day, we’re only human and our work is all about trust and good relationships. We put people first. And what’s more – we’ve not only decided but also made a clear commitment to follow a sustainable path in the future.

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Very good and fair employer


A super employer! Felt at home from the beginning.


Great team, well-structured onboarding and interesting clients


Just a great, honest evaluation


At long last, REAL work-life balance


Super employer with loads of benefits and a fabulous team