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Sustainability is just a word.

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We’ve taken the initiative and published our handbook “Better business models for a better world”. It’s aimed at small and medium-sized companies and increasing their awareness regarding ESG. We hope it can encourage them to take positive steps toward a better future.

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That's right - it’s a real buzzword.

Of course, it’s high time that we change almost every facet of the lives we live. At the end of the day, it’s a question of responsibility. We act sustainably because of the responsibility we feel to do so. it’s the same responsibility that we feel, when we care for our ageing parents or our kids, or when we worry about our friends. The responsibility that we feel extends to the big picture too, to our world as a whole. And every single one of us has a vital role to play. The world we inhabit would be better off without us, but if we do manage to preserve the world we live in, we must transform our mindset – for both the small and big picture.

That means that we, as business people, as entrepreneurs, should not only feel but also take responsibility for the world around us. Responsibility for our environment, our society, our employees . Responsibility that is reflected in our everyday business dealings and our active contribution to a global transformation. it’s not enough to recycle your waste or take an e-scooter every now and then. That’s why we at ba decided a long time ago to make a very big step in this direction. We’re delighted to announce that we have been certified as a Tax Advisory and Audit B-Corp. We’re thankful for all that we have learned along the way – even though it really wasn’t easy. A change of mindset can be painful, because it can also result in limitations. On the other hand, this process has been a huge awakening – for our employees, our network and our clients. Click here to find out more about the B Corp certificate:

We have taken the initiative and published a new workbook entitled “Better Business Models for a Better World”, aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises to help them consider ESG and take positive steps.

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